Themed Weddings

Today’s weddings have taken on a new approach. The traditional black tie affair is being done in by a more creative approach to things. More and more couples are adding there own little touch to things by creating a themed wedding . That leaves the big question to be asked. What theme should you do?

country weddingOne theme that seems to be growing in popularity is the country theme. Take things outdoors to a garden or even a barn setting. With a country theme you can make things as classy or as fun as you want. Use hay bails as seats or wooden benches. Mason jars are a nice touch and can be used for a number of things such as drinking glasses, flower vases, or even to float candles in. Fabrics also play a key roll , from a playful checkered pattern to a classy Victorian lace. Small details will shift the feel of your country themed wedding. so attention to detail is important if you want your wedding to head in a certain direction. Etsy is a great place to find beautifully unique wedding props, and even dresses! Checking them out is a must! Click here to see what Etsy has to offer.  Cowboy boots, sandles, and flip flops make for great footwear for this theme. As well as a simpler dress style. A dress that is too lacy may get pretty damaged being outside.

A fun twist on the country themed wedding style that is trending is the John Deere themed wedding. Start out with a green and yellow theme add some tractors and go wild. This theme can be pretty fun with a little creative imagination. Some fun ideas are have a German chocolate grooms cake make it look like a plowed field add a toy john deere tractor. Play songs like “She thinks my tractors sexy” and “Take you for a ride on my big green tractor” for your first dance or as wedding party dance songs. Tell guest that if they want to see you kiss , instead of banging on the table they have to yell out ” YEE HAW ” or ” nothing runs like a deere” . Another fun way to keep this theme going into the reception is to have the reception set up like a county fair , with games and a snack table complete with cotton candy and popcorn. Finish it off with a tractor pull or a hay ride.

If country is not your thing than roll out the red carpet and take a look at a Hollywood themed wedding. A Hollywood theme wedding can take a couple different approaches to it. You have to ask your self do you want Hollywood Glam or Cheese?
Hollywood weddingWith Hollywood glam , it’s all about you as the star. A red velvet carpet to walk down. The setting has to be perfect like a wine vineyard or a top scale hotel. Things should sparkle, chandeliers, ear rings , necklace, bracelets, any where you can add sparkle. Hair and make up need to be perfect. Dinner should be catered and sit down with china and glass wear. The fancier the better.

Cheesy Hollywood can be a lot of fun. Flashy clothes, big sun glasses, over sized jewelry all make this theme a big hit. Have photo booths set up with lots of props . Have poster size pictures of the bride and groom hanging up all over with headliners posted on them. For example a picture of the couple kissing with a headline that reads “caught in the act “. You can make this theme as fun and outrages as you want it. It is important to hire a professional wedding photographer that is able to capture  what your wedding is all about. Couples and families who are looking for a brilliant wedding photographer will discover some great options on this Wedding Photographer Merida website. Professional photographers need to be attentive to the emotional imagery of your celebration – that’s what the best wedding photographers are recognized for.